Luis Abreux

Luis Abreux was born in 1971. He earned his Master's degree in Fine Art,   specializing in Painting, in 1995 from the San Alejandro Art Academy in Havana, Cuba and attended the Taller de Tecnicas Subliminales en el Arte y la Publicidad.

Abreu’s talent was so prodigal that the Cuban state enabled him to receive a Master’s in Fine Art from the most prestigious academy in Cuba the revered San Alejandro Academy in Havana specializing in painting and subliminal drawing. San Alejandro is an incubator for Cuba’s most famous artists. 

His art is so fascinating due to its enormous range, diversity and sophistication. Some works are exquisitely esoteric while others have a naïve feel. He is working within dynamic social forces which is dramatically evident. They capture infinitesimally thin slices of life exquisitely, and rather modestly. Overall the works are personal history paintings and all exhibit life affirming theatricality, mysticism, and sensuality.

Abreux resides since 2005 in  Austin , Tx. US.