Lisyanet Rodriguez

Lisyanet Rodriguez

One of the unremitting delights of art is its ability to be simultaneously beautiful and troubling. I love to place my work in this contrast, that ambiguous sensation of pull and push is absolutely fascinating!

The creative process for me is like walking in a hallucinating world ruled by its own logic, dimensions, and time flow, quiet and boisterous at the same time.

I create objects that seem tender, homely, but possibly menacing. Sometimes I cannot avoid turning them into something monstrous, abnormal, but weirdly beautiful to my eyes.

Old petrified clothes come back to life as “new objects” of gothic beauty. As their function is sublimation, the dresses I frequently use cover-up “body parts”. Creatures where there´s an abundance of deformities, mutations, hybrid bodies. Inside they´re probably withering, nonetheless, they´re always luxurious on the outside. The visual result is a merging of materials with lines between the human-animal, subject-object. A collection of “artificial organisms”.

The accumulation of scenarios and characters is inevitably a narrative that gets contaminated with familiar meanings. Illustrating the most intimate moments takes me back to things buried far from my conscience. As a girl, I used to be very fragile. I suffered from multiple arms fractures and injuries practically during my entire childhood. My grandmother uses to take care of me and taught me everything she knew better: sewing, embroider, knitting… I spent all of my time as a child making blankets, table-cloths, doll clothes. My fascination with these activities eventually led me to find a way to create by combining those elements with my current understanding of beauty.

However, my work must not be assumed as a personal anecdote. The observation of life and nature for example is a very powerful inspiration for me. Because, I feel we live times of serious environmental degradation where toxic contamination, transgenic crops, genetic modifications, and so on, are realities today in an increasingly more threateningly human world. In that sense,  I´m interested in emphasizing the desires of a broader conscience regarding our own vulnerability. But, In art like in any conflict, there´s an unvarying background of joy and pain behind every story. Nothing is ever as beautiful, never as bad.