Greetings, esteemed art enthusiasts! I am Antonio Correa Iglesias, the visionary behind the Correa & Borges Art Collection (C&B Art Collection). It's an honor to welcome each of you into our world of artistic marvels. C&B Art Collection is a beacon of artistry, fostering the vibrant exchange among visual artists, art critics, academics, gallerists, and curators. Our journey embarked upon in 2003, has been dedicated to championing the contemporary artistic voices that shape our era. Over nearly two decades, we've passionately embraced roles as promoters, consultants, advertisers, publishers, and art critics, all in the unwavering support of emerging talents. At our core, we focus on the most emergent Cuban art, because they are the future. 

At this very moment, we extend our support to these talented artists, for their work holds the promise of shaping tomorrow's artistic landscape. Join us on this enriching artistic voyage.